Toppop (Game)
The corn kernel is a social creature. In its natural environment, individuals can be observed dozing on densely populated cobs throughout the day. However, corn kernels held in captivity have evolved into another species entirely: popcorn. Though most specimens remain oblivious to being removed from their cobs and their high risk of being eaten, popcorns that have become aware of these conditions become highly volatile and ready to explode at any time, they will stop at nothing to escape their fate.

This is physics based puzzle game that has been developed during the Game Programming Laboratory course during my Master at ETH Z�rich. The player controls a corn kernel that can roll around and pop to turn into a popcorn, which behaves differently. To complete a level the player has to manoeuvre the corn kernel or popcorn from its starting position to the goal by making use of the layout and objects provided within.
Download: Toppop(43 MB)
More details about the project and the course can be found here.