Model-Free Trajectory Optimization of Open-Loop Controls from Hand-Crafted Keyframed Animations
In this master thesis we cover the process of model-free trajectory optimization to find openloop controls for new characters designed by an artist to track hand-crafted keyframed animations. Through a semi-automatic process we output an articulated rigid body system for the designed character and provide a modeler that allows the user to quickly resolve ambiguities about the character´┐Żs dynamical system with quick edits using a set of simple tools. The user crafts controllers by designing keyframed motions, using familiar animation tools such as Maya, which should be tracked by the simulated character. Our system automatically optimizes for open-loop controls that are capable of recreating the reference motions and can be used in an online simulation. Previous methods are too complex for casual users, use hard-coded specific character models, and rely on captured human motion, where as we can handle imaginary characters and hand-crafted keyframed animations.